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Тема: Нужна текст об Австралии на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке...срочно

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    Коренной Житель Аватар для Tak-sebe

    По умолчанию Нужна текст об Австралии на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке...срочно

    ЛЮДИ!!! ВЫручайте...срочно нужна работа на тему Австралия (любые интересные факты, можно памятники, можно историю города, природное положение, вобщем все что есть) на английском языке+перевод объём 2 печатных листа...желательно сегодня... :( :(
    заранее спасибо... :o
    Последний раз редактировалось Tak-sebe; 20.12.2004 в 14:50.
    В последнее время многие люди, полагающие что они возвысились - добились лишь того, что их нормальность перешла в идиотство!
    (с)Антон Шандор Ла Вей

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    Циничная сволочь Аватар для Sergio
    зачем вы таки сп'ашиваете?

    По умолчанию

    Поисковик в зубы, плюс к нему переводчик и вперед!

    Много интересного, например, тут:

    Неужели все разжевывать надо??
    О параноиках можно узнать очень многое, просто постоянно следя за ними.

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    Коренной Житель Аватар для Tak-sebe

    По умолчанию

    проблема в том, что на инете денег нет :(
    Если бы были, я бы тему не создал...
    В последнее время многие люди, полагающие что они возвысились - добились лишь того, что их нормальность перешла в идиотство!
    (с)Антон Шандор Ла Вей

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    Оператор Матрицы Аватар для Esta

    По умолчанию

    Эти подойдут?

    Cultural Melbourne

    Australia's second-largest city and Victoria's thriving capital is a restless, image-conscious centre with a bucketful of style. Of all Australia's cities, Melbourne is perhaps the most European in feel. Trams rattle through streets fronted by stern Victorian public buildings, while parks, outdoor cafes and restaurants lend it a Mediterranean air.
    Melbourne is a melting pot of cultures. Chinese, Italians, Vietnamese, Lebanese and Greeks, among others, have all added their traditions, customs and cuisines to Melbourne's multicultural mix.The city is noted for its lovely gardens, performing arts, museums and galleries, and it's also sports-mad, being home to world-famous sporting events such as the Melbourne Cup, the Australian Open Tennis and the Qantas Australia Grand Prix. Melbourne has a lively nightclub scene and is noted for live music and comedy clubs.

    Great dining-out spots include the bayside suburb of St Kilda, Lygon Street in Carlton for its Italian cuisine, Brunswick Street in Fitzroy for its offbeat cafe culture, and Little Bourke Street in the city centre for its superb range of Chinese

    Within an hour or so of Melbourne are a range of places well-worth exploring. Among them are the Macedon Ranges - Australia's spa capital - where you'll find sumptuous food and wine, luxurious accommodation, colourful gardens, amazing rock formations, and world-renowned mineral springs.

    Nearby too is the Mornington Peninsula, a picturesque blend of rolling hills, green pastures, lush forests, boutique wineries, and kilometres of coastal national parks offering stunning walks.

    Plenty of other getaways - including historic goldfield towns and the major gold rush attractions at Ballarat - are also sure to make you want to stick around.

    On the banks of the river

    Australia's northernmost capital city blends the vitality of the city with the leisurely quality of a country town. It spreads over both sides of the Brisbane river, which bends its way through a gently hilly landscape before spilling into the boat-lover's paradise of Moreton Bay.
    The city is clean, safe and open, with many parks and a mixture of old sandstone and sparkling modern buildings. The inner-city suburbs are full of lovingly restored weatherboard Queenslander homes, their tin roofs and generous verandas enshrining the old casual, sun-warmed lifestyle embraced today.

    Backpackers love Brisbane because it's cheap to eat, party and get around in, with a good choice of safe, quality accommodation. Gay travellers also recognise Brisbane's charms, enjoying a high level of acceptance, a thriving nightlife and a
    growing list of excellent bed-and-breakfast accommodation.

    Queen Street Mall, in the city's centre, is the most successful shopping hub in Australia, with heaps of fashion, food and specialty outlets. Across the river, South Bank Parklands offers superb waterfront dining, and is a short walk from the art gallery and museum. And you haven't really enjoyed a pub until you've tried some of Brisbane's beer gardens.

    Try a river cruise, or a ferry ride to one of the delightful islands nearby: Tangalooma, where you can feed wild dolphins, or North Stradbroke where you can disappear among the dunes. Or head for the Sunshine Coast, an hour north, or the Gold Coast, an hour south of Brisbane.

    Dabble in the arts
    The South Bank is the centre of Brisbane’s artistic life, hosting a bevy of fine institutions side by side. The Queensland Art Gallery, Conservatorium of Music, State Library, Performing Arts Complex and Queensland Museum all offer a wealth of artistic expression. South Bank also offers entertainment of a less lofty, but equally enjoyable kind. Strolling along the winding bougainvillea arbour, through the gardens, past the man-made beach, and around shops and galleries, is one of the most quintessentially pleasant Brisbane experiences. Stop at one of the many eateries offering all sorts of fare.
    For a glimpse of the lively contemporary arts scene in Brisbane, head to the Powerhouse at the eastern end of Brunswick Street. Overlooking the river, this enormous structure is now the venue for live theatre and visual arts. The raw, industrial exterior of the building has been maintained, as well as the graffiti inside it, a leftover from

    times, but the space is now a complex of theatres, outdoor performance spaces, offices, meeting rooms, a gallery, restaurant, bar and function space. Take stock in the Spark Bar, directly looking over the wide brown riverscape.

    As well as the dynamic modern developments taking place along the river, Brisbane is home to some exceptionally fine older civic buildings that have been restored to house cultural institutions. Visit the Customs House, the City Hall, the Commissariat Store and the Old Mill.

    Brisbane is noted for the writers it has produced, and the Albert Street Literary Trail is punctuated by 32 plaques immortalising some of their words.
    Последний раз редактировалось Esta; 20.12.2004 в 15:07.

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